Thursday, May 6, 2010

Eagles and Songbirds

Spring and fall are my favorite seasons.  IN the spring we get to see the gradual transformation of bleak looking woodlands to light green foliage.  The songbirds and game birds are in full mating colors and bird activity is at a peak.  Joan and I spend a considerable amount of time observing a few eagle nests to see which ones are going to be successful in raising at least one chick for the season.   The early warm weather this year has made the observation process more comfortable than normal.  here are a few pictures from the past few weeks.

Darling Run Eagle--I still have not gotten his leg band number. It is New York State and has a 4 in it. Maybe next week.

N79 from Little Pine-Male born on Mohawk River in New York State.

Technically not a good picture-but interesting capture.  There are two eagle chicks in the nest (Darling Run)

Little Pine proud parents taking a rest in between fishing trips to feed junior.

Backyard Friend.

Towhee in full mating Plumage.


Willard said...

An excellent series, Jim. I know what you mean about the eagle with the fish, but it is still a photo to be proud of. The bluebird and the towhee are outstanding with amazing detail on the bluebird especially.

Coy said...

Stunning shots Jim! That new equipment combined with your expertise is producing some outstanding results.

Marci said...

I wish I could take eagle photos like those! Awesome!
The bluebird is so pretty. We have our first nesting pair this year. So glad they finally chose our yard!
Beautiful capture of the towhee! Saw one in Benezette, but none around here.
Great photos!

Dave said...

Your photos are fantastic, well composed, sharp and of brilliant subjects. I especially like the eagle in flight.