Sunday, June 27, 2010

Backyard Birdies

This weekend while waiting for friends to arrive, I decided it was time to practice using the better beamer with the flash unit to control shadows in harsh lighting.  The morning started off foggy and then the sun poked through strong and contrasty-perfect conditions for practice. It took about 50 shots to get the hang of adjusting the flash exposure compensation, but the practice yielded good results.  I am going to take the unit along this week  and see how it works for filling shadows moose in the woods .

This may be the last posting for our blog.  I am not sure how much the blog is getting viewed or how worthwhile it is.  If you are looking and you like or do not like it, please leave a comment so I can determine if it is worth the time to do these.



Brad Myers said...

Jim, I look at your blog often and enjoy your postings. I can relate to your feelings. I have google analytics hooked up to mine so I know how many views I am getting and the numbers have been down. I am hoping it is the season and when fall rolls around the numbers pick back up. I quit posting weekends awhile back because I found no one was looking then. Recently I have been dropping one day a week because of the views. I do plan to continue because there is a few that look all the time and it is the only way I have to share my photographs (good or bad). If you continue I will still be looking.

Now, when can you teach me how to use my better beamer? I have one and have used it little because I just do not know aht I am doing. Most everything I have learned about photography has been trial and error and my flash photography really sucks. I know it can be a great tool if I learn to use it.

I have vacation over the elk rut this year and plan on spending most of it in Benezette, if not before I hope we get to meet then.


JimB said...

Thanks--I would be happy to help you with the better beamer. I will be in Benezette on Friday 9/10 and then again in late October and a weekend in November.
Maybe we could talk by email


Willard said...

Hi Jim,

I hope you keep the blog going. I usually try to visit at least twice a week, but may have been a bit lax recently. I am in one of those stages that I am working on a lot of things, but can't seem to get much completed, so I have not been visiting blogs as much as usual, although I have tried to post twice a week.

These are superb photos to my way of thinking. I have not worked with flash like I should, but Coy has some. I am most impressed.

Anonymous said...


I hope you continue to blog. I was just saying to Willard the other day that it seems like blogging has been overtaken by facebook. I have 92 facebook friends and only 14 followers of my blog.
Your photos are fantastic....keep posting!!
Beautiful photos! Our bluebirds seem to have left us. Not sure if that is normal for this time of year?
Great close-ups!