Thursday, July 28, 2011


We traveled to Speculator NY last weekend to look for moose in the Adirondacks.  It has been years since we stayed in the Adirondacks and it was a pleasure to return.  We traveled many log roads and accessed some remote areas and saw lots of pretty scenery.  We saw a black bear, lots of black bear tracks, a few deer and lots of coyote tracks.  Mornings were calm and afternoons were extremely windy.  We experimented with HDR and panoramas.  The shot below is of Mason Lake just above Speculator New York and it is a HDR panorama.  It is made up of three shots are metered exposure, 3 at -1 stop and three at plus 1 stop.  The 9 shots were combined in photoshop to attempt to produce what we saw in person.
Cano 1D MK IV Canon 24-105 f4 @ 24mm f16 ISO200

Joan took the deer shot in the dark woods with her D3s set at 1600 ISO.  Notice the fine detail of the deer and no noticeable noise!!!

Nikon D3s; Nikon 80-400 @400mm f8 1/160 ISO 1600
The following is another HDR shot taken with the Canon 1D MK IV.  It is a set of three images so that the image actually shows what the human eye saw for light range.  I find that many folks push their HDR composites to unrealistic looks.  I prefer to use the technology to replicate what I actually observed. 

Joan loves clouds and silhouetted trees!  She captured the following first thing in the morning. 

There were Black eyed Susans decorating the roadsides, the medians and even in log truck landing areas in the forest.  The following shot was taken with a Canon 24-105 f4 lens with the Canon Macro filter screwed onto the lens to convert it into a macro lens.

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Jim Borden


jocodeane said...

Hiya Jim,

Wonderful images again.
That first gushing water shot is so fantastic.

All I can remember of our own Adirondacks camping experience is blackflies :-)
I so agree with your remarks on HDR overuse.

Brk Trt said...

Beautiful photos.

The first photo, that stream, Wow.

JimB said...

jocodeane-we missed the black fly swarms but were treated to the deer flies!

Brktrt--that stream is a good trout stream!!!

Mark said...

Nice pictures, The Adirondacks and water go together like peanut butter and jelly !

Adrienne in Ohio said...

All the photos are beautiful, but I particularly appreciate your HDR images. I prefer the realistic look over the dream-like style too. (I haven't tried to create an HDR image yet, but if I do--simply real is what I'd be going for.) :)

Willard said...

Beautiful photos, Jim. The ISO 1600 shot is amazing. Coy is starting to work with HDR, but I haven't gone there yet--I'll have to give it a try.

Coy said...

Love the HDR work. Very good photorealistic work. I've been enjoying working with HDR as well and must admit that sometimes it is just too tempting to push it beyond natural.

Friend of HK said...

Beautiful landscape photos!

Montanagirl said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I decided to pop over and have a look at yours. I LOVE it! Your photography is spectacular. I've signed up to follow. Do stop by my blog again!