Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Loon and Mergansers

Joan and I spent this past weekend in the Pennsylvania Pine creek Valley.  WE had a good time as always.  We saw 6 different eagles, lots of geese and new born goslings as well as numerous mergansers. Hills Creek State Park Lake had 4 Common Loons on it.  Two had breeding plumage and two were still in winter plumage.  We were also fortunate enough to see two Green Herons but they evaded picture taking.

The unique experience we had was witnessing a female Merganser swallowing about a 12 inch trout.  I knew that mergansers were known to be avid fishermen-but had not realized how large a fish they would swallow.

Until next time

Jim Borden

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Lindsjö taxar said...

Beautiful pictures! How lucky to get a picture while the merganser eats a trouth. Top job!

Unknown said...

Amazing capture of "merganser eating trout" here! So she could really gulp down that entire fish okay?? Does the poor fish get swallowed down struggling/wriggling the whole way as well?!


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