Saturday, June 30, 2012

More Warblers

Chestnut Sided Warbler

We did more birding along the Pine Creek valley two weeks ago with friends from Connecticut.  We had a great time and the warblers were very active. The weather really cooperated. Our friends are fairly new to birding and they got to see a number of birds that they could add to their life lists.  The above Chestnut sided warbler was the best of that species I have ever gotten.  This image was almost full frame in the 600 lens. 

Magnolia Warbler
Once again the area that we often see Magnolia Warblers had a number of them calling and flitting around.  They are a very pretty bird and have a beautiful song. 

Black and White Warbler
One swamp area that we visit often has many Black and White warblers.  we were not disappointed on this trip as four of them entertained us. They creep up and down trees much like the brown creepers. 

Barred Owl

On our first evening of the trip-we went to one of my favorite spots for owls and Joan and Kim were both able to capture awesome shots of a Barred Owl.  there were three of them there and two of them were having a fit about the third one being there-it was fun to watch and listen to. 
Cedar Wax Wing
We had a half dozen Cedar Wax Wings flying round at one spot that we went to bird. They look like bandits.

Black Throated Green Warbler

On our last evening there we went back to see the owls but they were not there.  However, a Black Throated Green Warbler was there.  Since it was getting dark and we were under heavy evergreen cover, I borrowed Joan's Camera and Long Lens to get this image as my camera can not push the ISO as well as her's without getting digital noise that make s the image unusable.  This image was taken at 6400 ISO. 

Until next time.

Jim Borden


Eko said...

Mahtavan monipuolinen on kuva-kavalgaadi Linnuista.
Ammattitaidolla kuvattuja ja näkemyksellä kuva-alalle olet Linnut asetellut.
Hieno sarja...!
Terveisin Eko

Mighty is a versatile image-kavalgad birds.
Professionally described, and the perception of image area you are laid in Birds.
A great series ...!
Greetings, Eco
Finland / Lapland / Kuusamo

Lindsjö taxar said...

Great pictures! Very nice colours! The cedar waxving we have too. But the other I dont know. The owl looks great.
I´ve been lucky lately to see moose calves and also wild boars. Do you have wild boars?

eileeninmd said...

Love the warblers, great shots!

Lindsjö taxar said...

Thanks for comment. I grew up with hunting, Dad hunted. I also like you hunt with my head and not only with the trigger. We work a lot with our dachshunds, hunting roes with them. I´m also a huntingleader in our hunting team. We have 2 places we hunt on, we have to pay a yearly amount.
We shoot trap shooting every weekend.
Since a year I started to photograph and I´m still learning.

Linda said...

Beautiful captures. I love Warblers. I love all birds, actually. :)

chubskulit said...

Lovely critters. Late visit from Camera Critters.

Gila Monster and Bees have a blessed Sunday.

Brk Trt said...

Beautiful photos of equally beautiful subjects.

Altax said...

Excellent shots and wonderful pictures.

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Olga said...

Great shots!