Sunday, November 25, 2012

Raptor Time

Winter is Raptor time for Joan and I.  We enjoy viewing the raptors that have migrated south for the winter months.  We took a short trip to two of our favorite places yesterday to see how things were shaping up for this winter.  At Liberty Loop Trail at the north end of the Wallkill Wildlife preserve, we saw migrating Mallards, migrating Northern Shovelers, a Kestrel,  two Northern Harriers and a Red Tail Hawk.  


Red Tail Hawk in Flight

Smooth and Graceful Landing for young Red Tail Hawk

Red Tail Hawk on Mouse Patrol

After spending some time at the Marsh, we stopped by one of our favorite winter haunts for Bald Eagles.  We only saw the resident pair there, but they gave us quite a show.  I had left my 600mm lens on so I missed part of the best action right close to me.

V85-the male Bald Eagle of teh Lackawaxen Pair

Surveying the situation as the moon rose and the sunset

Until next time

Jim Borden


Willard said...

Superb post, Jim. I love that first image!

Coy Hill said...

All outstanding Jim but the eagle coming right at you......Wow! love it!

Powell River Books said...

Eagles are amazing birds. Unfortunately, we encounter a dead one on our lake last month. I guess, everything has it's own time, but you don't expect to find a bird as mighty as an eagle to come to and end. - Margy

Lindsjö taxar said...

Hi Jim! Awsome pictures you show, THe bald eagle his handsome and beautiful

Karen and Gerard said...

What great shots you took of the birds in flight! Love to see the wildlife!