Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Raptors December 29 2012

Joan and I spent a wonderful weekend with friends Gary and Kim Amatrudo along the Delaware River. The eagle pair at Zane Grey were cooperative for photographing and the snow on Saturday 12/29 made for nice scenery viewing.  The storm also caused many of teh local eagles to congregate along the Rio Reservoir in feed stream.  We saw 14 eagles there on Saturday. I photographed 4 eagles in one tree and then a little later they decided to fly and it turned out there were six in the tree. 

On our way back to Zane Grey from Rio Joan spotted a Barred Owl perched in a tree close to the road.  It made for a nice image with the falling snow. 

Until Next time

Jim Borden


Lindsjö taxar said...

Hi Jim! Love your pictures....Delaware I been to. I was a cadet on the Swedish Navy Ship. We went there to celebrate the first swedish imigrants who came there by ship..Our queen and king was with us...

Willard said...

I enjoyed the series, Jim.

One thing I love about photography is that there is something to photograph during each season of the year, unlike hunting when winter was mostly a period of thinking on the past and anticipating the passing of time and the coming of the next year's hunting seasons.