Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring weekend Birding

We spent the weekend in Pa Grand Canyon checking eagle nests for activity.  We confirmed sitting eagles in three of the seven nest we checked.  It can be a very boring exercise watching an eagle nest before young are hatched.  "Shift Changes" occur every three to four hours and are quick.  While the water is high in Pine Creek, the eagles look for food in other areas when not sitting on the nest.  The three nest we did not spot eagles in may very well have an adult in sitting on eggs as the nest walls are high and the angle of view is so that they could not be seen.

We did however have success at watching a pair of Barred owls going through there "dating routines".  It was fun to watch and listen to.  The Bluebird photo was taken with a flash with a better beamer attached.  I have been practicing with it to help fill in shadow areas when there is harsh lighting.


Brad Myers said...

Great shots Jim, I just got back from photographing birds in Florida. It was a family trip but I still managed to get allot of birding in. I like the new layout, looks great.

Coy said...

Nice work Jim, the grouse is tac sharp!