Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Liberty Marsh

I had to travel to northwestern New Nersey to give a presentation on rifle tuning on Saturday and the trip took us through Liberty Marsh.  So, on the way home we stopped to see what we could see.  It was a cool, clear day with harsh light.  We saw swans, a female northern harrier, a female sharp shinned hawk, ring neck ducks, red head ducks, mallards, ring billed gulls, and five red tail hawks,  three of the hawks buzzed close over our heads and one landed on the power line close to us.  He studied a photographer friend very closely and suddenly launched from the wire and flew directly at him and almost planted his talons his skull.  Some of the pictures turned out well.


Brad Myers said...

Very good photos for harsh light. I never let harsh light stop me from photographing wildlife. I just enjoy watching it and photographing it to much to let something stop me. There was an article in January 2010 Popular Photography magazine on this subject titled "Bright Ideas" You can Still shoot great images during the "Harsh Hours".

I like the look of the new blog, I tried to post that a few days ago on another post but it never showed up on the site. Who knows maybe I made a mistake.

Edward P. Holgren said...

very nice!

JimB said...

Thanks. I read that article as well and I got a good chance to test it on Saturday and it came out pretty good and more practice will always make better.