Sunday, April 4, 2010

Pheasant and Owl

Went to check on eagle nests on Friday and found two of the nests we observe have hatched chicks.  The photography opportunities were not there for the eagles so a side trip in the woods was taken.  The pheasant was looking for a mate and he caught me by surprise so I took his photos hand held.

Had a great time listening to the owls hooting again.

This is our backyard friend from this morning


Willard said...

Beautiful photographs, Jim. The cardinal and the owl are outstanding. I used to get to photograph pheasants especially in the spring, in my early years of photography, but seldom see one in our area now.

Brad Myers said...

That is what I would have called a productive and great day. I have never photographed owls but they are on the top of my list and we never see pheasants anymore. As a kid we hunted and seen pheasants every place but I have only seen one around here in the last five years and it was a hen. A real shame as they are such an atractive bird.

siromade08 said...

What a magistic photos, you've done well capturing the owl.

Happy weekend.