Monday, April 11, 2011

Owls and Eagles

Great weekend.  Visited one of the eagle nests that we keep track of and two eaglets have hatched.  the nest is over two yards from road and in interest of not disturbing the eagles, I set up and take photos from the edge of the highway.  Because of the clutter of branches around the next I use live view with the screen magnified 10x and use manual focus and a cable release.  The photos are primarily used as documentation as they are severely cropped.  Look closely and you can see the two little eaglet heads watching the adult shred a fish for them.

After watching the eagles, I went to the top of the mountain to a dense area of evergreens where I can usually find barred owls this time of year.  Sure enough they were there and I captured better photos of them this year than last year due to the time I had taken to finely calibrate the af tuning on my camera bodies and lenses.

Spring must be coming!!!! The brown creepers are back!

Until next time!

Jim Borden


Stephani said...

Wow. Amazing shots of that owl. Those eyes are so piercing in the first photo. Glad I found my way here!

Willard said...

Excellent shots, Jim. This calibration thing is really interesting and disturbing. Got the 500mmF4 calibrated with the 7D and shot a test with the 40D, which cannot be calibrated. It shows the lens is focusing several inches beyond the correct focus point. I would be afraid to buy a body that didn't have micro-adjust capabilities at this point. (The 300mmF4 requires a +10 adjustment to bring it to 0 while the 500mmF4 requires a -10. I am really glad you brought up the subject of the Lens Align, which got me into this again and this method is so much better than the one I had originally worked with.

Willard said...

Also I re-reading this post, I have to agree that using live view to focus on a subject in this type of situation is the way to go. I have been doing that more and more in difficult situations.