Monday, August 20, 2012

Deer at High ISO

Nikon D4 Nikon 600 f4 @ f5; 1/400 ISO10,000

The development and marketing of the newer digital cameras has changed how wildlife photography is done.  The quality of images surpasses what was achieved with film and we are able to capture images we never dreamed of getting with film. The pro and semi pro bodies have taken the ability to take images in the very early and late evening hours to a new level.  The image of the buck above was taken right a at sunset behind our house.  It was taken at ISO 10,000 which is over 10 times what we even dreamed of doing with film.  With digital graininess has been an issue as it was with film.  However, developments of sensor technology has allowed Nikon and Canon to develop cameras that can push the ISO 12,800 level and still produce salable prints.  

Nikon D4 Nikon 600 f4 @ f5; 1/400 ISO10,000

Nikon D4 Nikon 600 f4 @ f5; 1/640 ISO5,000

Until next time

Jim Borden


Coy Hill said...

Right on Jim! And my bets are that sensors will keep improving rapidly for a considerable time yet.

Lindsjö taxar said...

How beautiful pictures..what high ISO and so good.