Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Eagle Weekend

We traveled to Conowingo Power dam this past weekend to view and photograph eagles.  Saturday's weather was poor.  We had lots of rain and snow.  However, we did see about 50 Bald Eagles and many Great Blue Herons.  The picture taking was a challenge in the snowy conditions and it was hard on the equipment.  It allowed us to get some interesting shots such as this one:

The weather on Sunday was brighter and cold.  We saw over 60 Bald Eagles and most were on the far shore or the power transmission towers.  We did however get some shots of flyovers. 

We had hoped to get some "fishing" shots that were good.  However, the eagles did not appear to be too hungry on Sunday and the shots we got were too far away and image quality was poor.

There has been quite a bit of concern posted on some bulletin boards about how broadly information is being shared on how to see Bald Eagles.  The excuse used is that the bird is a threatened species and it is not appropriate for the public to know where the eagles can be seen.  I personally believe that these birds are truly majestic and that sharing information so others can view them provides an opportunity for broader appreciation of the Bald Eagles.