Thursday, May 30, 2013

Shore Birds

Osprey with fish
Joan and I traveled to Connecticut to spend times with friends Gary and Kim Amatrudo photographing Shore Birds.  They chauffeured us around and we had the opportunity to see many species of birds even though it was a cold and windy weekend.  I added a life bird to my list-Little Blue Heron. 
Little Blue Heron at Hammonsett Beach CT

Willet in Breeding Plumage

Osprey in Flight

Osprey landing

Mallard in Flight

Osprey on Fairly new nest
Least Sandpiper
Snowy Egret
Great Egret

Until Next Time

Jim Borden

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Immature Great Horned Owls

We have had Great Horned Owls near us for years.  I shared photos of an adult last August.  We looked this winter for the owls and their nest and were not successful.  This past week we saw one of the adults and heard the young bill snapping.  Later that evening I went back out and found two young ones. 

Until next time

Jim Borden