Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pennsylvania Elk-Waning days of the Rut

Pennsylvania Bull Elk trying to get the attention of a young cow

We spent three days in Pa Elk country this past week with friends Gary and Kim Amatrudo from Connecticut.  As usual we were able to view 100+ elk.  We saw a number of decent sized bulls but no "monster bulls".  The rut was still active with bugling, sniffing and some breeding going on.  The weather was unusually warm for late October and the elk were visibly in stress from the heat.  Most of the foliage had long gone past peak color, but the Tamarack trees were in their yellow/orange splendor. 

We spent a considerable amount of time watching nad following the bull pictured here.  

Mornings in the Benezett PA area in the fall are normally very foggy which creates a beauty of its own.  The early morning with fog is a great sight to see.  This a the view of the valley between the Winslow Hill viewing area and the mine reclaim area. There were 4 to 5 bulls bugling as we stood and watched this beautiful scene. 
There were a number of snow buntings in the area-seemed unusual for this time of year-they are a very pretty bird

We also saw a number of Wild Turkeys and one group was a bunch of about 12 very mature gobblers feeding together.

Until next Time

Jim Borden

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tunkhannock PA

13 image panoramic stitch. Lane Hill from Tunkhannock River Bridge

The foliage peaked the week of October 1 at our place 10 miles north of Tunkhannock. So, we missed it.  However, Tunkhannock peaked this weekend.  The view from the Susquehanna bridge last night was beautiful.  Not as colorful as what we saw in Maine as these mountains are mostly oak.  The above image master file is 20 inches by 55 inches at 300 dpi. It can be printed crisply up to 40 x110 inches.

Fall is a great time to catch the Suisquehanna River with few or no ripples. 

I used a 300 mm telephoto lens to isolate the Wyoming County courthouse from the busy surroundings.  

Until next Time

Jim Borden

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Maine Fall Foliage

West Branch Penobscot River from Abol Bridge
Winding Road in Maine North Woods

Doubletop in Baxter Park from Marsten Parking Area

Sandy Stream Pond from Big Rock

Newsoundehunk Stream from Marsten in Baxter Park

Newsoudehunk Fields in Baxter Park

Pretty Maple leaves near Millinockett ME

Sunset as Seen from Abol Bridge West of Millinockett ME

King of the Road in Maine North Woods

Until next time

Jim Borden

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lubec Maine Eagle

On the way home from our recent Moose looking excursion in Maine we decided to hit the coast of Maine for foliage and lighthouse pictures.  We stopped in the little fishing town of Lubec, Maine (most northeastern town in the USA) for lunch.  The little restaurant was directly along the Lubec harbor.  As we were enjoying their delicious clam chowder and fish sandwich, we saw harbor seals, gulls and cormorants fishing in the harbor.  The waitress explained the mackerel run was in process.  Suddenly a Bald Eagle appeared to join in the fishing activity.  We finished lunch and grabbed our cameras and moved to the edge of the wharf.   Needless to say, our trip home was delayed :)

Most of these images are un-cropped.  The Eagle passed so close many times that I was not able to get more than the head and part of the body in the frame. 

The eagle perched on roof tops along the edge of the harbor as well as on channel markers.  The following image is a landing shot as he approached a channel marker.

The Eagle is powerful and yet graceful.

After watching gulls and cormorants fishing-he waited until the gulls were fighting over a fish and then he took off and snatched it from them.

On his way to a fish catch

the eagles are amazing to watch as they land with fish grasped in both feet

All the while the fishing was occurring-the lobster boats were coming to harbor

Until next time

Jim Borden