Saturday, August 21, 2010

Backyard Whitetails and Some Sunflowers

The deer have started to frequent our "backyard" as we approach the fall.  This morning we were treated to  a doe, a fawn and a nice 8 point buck for about an hour.  The doe and fawn both spent some time in our old standing corn that we have left for the birds and animals.  The buck remained in the shadows so we did not get any pictures of him in the Golden Light.

The doe has the beautiful Golden light on her.  As a wildlife picture, this would be heavily critiqued by pros for being "too busy".  However, as a picture of a deer in a natural habitat it has value.

We took a day trip on Friday and we came upon a sunflower field.  The lighting was good so we spent some time taking photos.  I took some with a 24-105 lens set at f14 and then some with a 600 lens set at f14 to try to illustrate the different depth of field effect that you get at the same f stop setting with differing focal lengths.  The longer focal length decreases the depth of focus while at the same time somewhat flattening the image.

First Image 105mm focal length, f14, ISO 200, 1/100

Second image  600mm focal length, f14, ISO 200, 1/160

Until next time!

Jim Borden

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Whitetail Time

We had a great weekend with daughter's family along Pine Creek last weekend.  The grandadughters played in Pine Creek, we biked and we went animal looking.  We saw 8 different bears and they were difficult to get pictures of due to the time of day and they were in woods. I did get a few shots at 2000 ISO and 3200 ISo, but shutter speeds were low and the pictures were not crisp.  One thing we observed was 4 different sets of triplet fawns and many sets of twins.  This is certainly encouraging for future deer populations.

here is one of the does that came out well at 2000 ISO:

Next is one fawn from a set of triplets--they showed off for teh grand daughters for quite a while:

Here is a bear at 2000 ISO and low shutter speed. He has two ear tags-so may be a nuisance bear?

One thing to remember when shooting at 800 ISO or higher is to keep the histogram to teh right without bowing out the details.  By doing that-detail will be maximized with minimum noise for that ISO level.

Until next time

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