Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lubec Maine Eagle

On the way home from our recent Moose looking excursion in Maine we decided to hit the coast of Maine for foliage and lighthouse pictures.  We stopped in the little fishing town of Lubec, Maine (most northeastern town in the USA) for lunch.  The little restaurant was directly along the Lubec harbor.  As we were enjoying their delicious clam chowder and fish sandwich, we saw harbor seals, gulls and cormorants fishing in the harbor.  The waitress explained the mackerel run was in process.  Suddenly a Bald Eagle appeared to join in the fishing activity.  We finished lunch and grabbed our cameras and moved to the edge of the wharf.   Needless to say, our trip home was delayed :)

Most of these images are un-cropped.  The Eagle passed so close many times that I was not able to get more than the head and part of the body in the frame. 

The eagle perched on roof tops along the edge of the harbor as well as on channel markers.  The following image is a landing shot as he approached a channel marker.

The Eagle is powerful and yet graceful.

After watching gulls and cormorants fishing-he waited until the gulls were fighting over a fish and then he took off and snatched it from them.

On his way to a fish catch

the eagles are amazing to watch as they land with fish grasped in both feet

All the while the fishing was occurring-the lobster boats were coming to harbor

Until next time

Jim Borden


Sharon M said...

Excellent photos! I would love to see eagles in action.

Kenny Isaksson said...

Lucky day for you and your friends there Jim!
Great pictures of the bald Eagle.
Greetings Kenny

Jay said...

Beautiful work as always. I really like that last one of the Eagle.