Friday, July 26, 2013

Maine Moose in July

Bull Maine Moose in early morning light
We traveled to Maine the week of July 13 with our 10 year old grand daughter. We wanted her to have a wilderness experience at a young age to stimulate learning about the outdoors and to develop an appreciation of animals and natural beauty.  A portion of our trip was spent near the beach and then Baxter Park, but the wilderness experience was in a cabin in the North Maine Woods far from any traveled roads. here is a bull moose that she was able to photograph while sitting in a kayak.  This bull was very hungry and we were able to spend an hour with him three times that day. Once in early morning light, once during harsh afternoon light and finally in the Golden Light Hour in the evening. 

Taken by Ashtyn Mecca while in kayak with D80 and 70-300 lens

we spent most of our times kayaking a lake and the incoming stream and we were fortunate to see 40 plus moose. 

I found this bull at sunrise with three yearling moose not far from the cabin.  I could hear them in the water in the dark.  I got in the kayak and paddled upstream a short distance from the cabin to try to catch them at sunrise. the setting was backlit-but it achieved the effect I wanted. What a majestic animal and what a way to see one!
Sunrise Bull

Ashtyn enjoyed herself and is ready to go back for more!  Here is a shot she captured of a bull shaking the water off.

Here is sunset the first night.

We had a cow moose hanging around the cabin the entire time we were there and the second evening she decided to cross the entrance to the lake in front of the cabin at sunset.

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Jim Borden


Lindsjö taxar said... made my day!!
What beautiul Pictures, I would love to go with you. Our moose isn´t that big, not here in the South of Sweden.
Shee is very talented already with the camera.
She has great teachers so hopefully we see more of her Pictures. The moose shaken his head and you see al the waterdrops, top job!!

betty-NZ said...

How incredible to have those shots! I'm so glad you posted them.

Coloring Outside the Lines said...

Wow- stunning photos- I love the one you made into a header.

Kenny Isaksson said...

Really Amazing Pictures of the Moose.
Greetings / Kenny

Lasse said...

Fantastic pictures in the glowing sun !

Carol Mattingly said...

Fantastic post. So jealous.